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Supporting and empowering people with disabilities since 1975

“We always listen to our residents and their families to make sure they’re at the forefront of what we do”

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A little bit about us...

Les Amis is one of Jersey’s largest charitable organisations and with that, one of the biggest respite and residential service providers on the island. Set up in 1975, Les Amis is made up of a team of some 200 employees. Les Amis staff are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring the very best quality of care and support for the people who need it, from the residents to the families and in wider community in Jersey. 

With three main elements making up the service provided by Les Amis; residential, outreach and respite, our aim is to provide a spectrum of services as diverse as the requirements of our clients, residents and their families. Les Amis offers a homely environment where residents feel empowered and able to express themselves and make real choices that affect their lives, our aim is to encourage and support.

It is important to understand that in many circumstances, people with learning disabilities can achieve their goals, from living reasonably independently, to living with gentle support and care - disability does not mean inability and at Les Amis, we offer the right support at the right time, in the right place and with the right people and professionals.

What lights us up!

The team that lights up Les Amis, are more than just staff - they are friends… With dozens of roles to fill, the ‘amis’ (friends) work together like a well oiled machine, making sure that every aspect of the Les Amis service meets the expectations of their clients, residents and the families who rely on them. Les Amis staff are a beacon to the people they help - enabling people with learning disabilities to shine.

Les Amis’ core team of staff are featured here, but in reality, Les Amis is made up of lots more people; more staff and of course, the volunteers and supporters and others who light up the Les Amis service… We’d like to introduce you to the people who make the day to day running of such a large organisation possible… From taking care in the community via our outreach service and respite for stay overs and family support, to longer term residential care, it’s more than just a lease - it’s a lease of life.

One thing that everyone at Les Amis has in common is that they love their work and are proud to be part of such a life changing service in Jersey.

Eddie Noel Bg


Eddie Noel

Stewart Mourant Bg

Chairman of the board of trustees

Stewart Mourant

Andrew Treharne Bg

Non-Executive director of Les Amis Limited

Andrew Treharne

Leslie Norman Bg

Chairman of the board of Les Amis Limited and Trustee

Leslie Norman

Richard Hollick Bg


Richard Hollick

Paul Battrick Bg

Non-Executive director of Les Amis Limited

Paul Battrick

Mark Jones Bg

Non-Executive director of Les Amis Limited and Trustee

Mark Jones

Emma Mourant Bg

Non-Executive director of Les Amis Limited

Emma Mourant

Jacqueline Richhomme Bg

Non-Executive director of Les Amis Limited

Jacqueline Richomme

Paul Routier Bg


Paul Routier

Shaun Findley 4

Managing Director

Shaun Findlay

2 Donna Ireland B

Operations Manager

Donna Ireland

3 Natalie Brown B

Head of Residential Services

Natalie Brown

4 Jason Loveless B

Head of Respite & Outreach Services

Jason Loveless

7 Jo Muir B

Head of HR

Jo Muir

8 Lauren Cornish B

General and HR Administrator

Lauren Cornish

9 Nick Le Cornu B


Nick Le Cornu

12 Luke Renouf B

Technical Support

Luke Renouf

13 Josh Dolreans B

Finance Technical Support Admin

Josh D'Orleans

17 Monique Reekie B

Residential Service Administrator

Monique Reekie

Diane Smyth B

Finance Administrator

Diane Smyth

21 Michelle Woodcock Birch B


Michelle Woodcock-Birch

22 Julie Garner B


Julie Garner

24 John Jesus B


John Jesus

Noreen Norman Bg 2

PA/Company Secretary

Noreen Norman

Laura Cummings Bg

Head Office

Laura Cummings

Debbie Holley Bg

Office Manager

Debbie Holley

Alison Arnold Bg

Head Office

Alison Arnold

Claire Martin Bg

Head Office

Claire Martin

Juilietta Bg

Head Office

Julieta Calaca

Andy Millet

Behaviour Support Manager

Andy Millett

Alison Birdy

Registered Manager

Alison Brolly

Gary Hedgecock

Registered Manager

Gary Hedgecock

Jo Harris

Registered Manager

Jo Harris

Kerri Frain

Registered Manager

Kerri-Ann Frain

Lisa Neely

Registered Manager

Lisa Neely

Marie Claire Pinglaux

Registered Manager

MarieClaire Pinglaux

Tracey Color

Registered Manager

Tracey McIntyre

Terry Oconnor Bg

Registered Manager

Teri O'Connor

James Devon Bg

Registered Manager

James Devon

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