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At Les Amis, we give parents and carers time to recharge their batteries

“Everyone deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.”

How this service works

Les Amis Respite Service

Les Amis' respite services play a crucial role for both residents and their families. Our respite care is designed to give parents and carers of Islanders with learning disabilities, time for themselves and to recharge their batteries while a son or daughter spends time away from home and is cared for in a safe, welcoming environment.

Respite care is also of great benefit to our residents in that they have plenty of opportunity to socialise and get involved in a variety of activities, designed to light them up and bring them together with other people in the learning disabled community. Friends are made, confidence built and a freedom of expression encouraged with Les Amis respite care...

Les Amis are currently working toward a big target, to raise £250,000 to build a brand new dementia unit. With an ageing population, Jersey is in dire need for more fully equipped respite care and Les Amis are doing their utmost to ensure that this is provided for. Older adults with learning disabilities such as dementia require specific care and with our services working with all ages, we know the importance of age appropriate housing to maximise the benefits to our residents' wellbeing. 

Help us on our way by contributing on our Donate section toward our latest fundraising project for the island of Jersey. 

The Head of the Respite and Outreach service is Jason Loveless. The service operates 24/7; seven days a week for all 365 days of the year and Jason oversees five registered managers, who in turn oversee 50 support staff. 

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Maison Allo

Maison Allo in St Saviour is a young person and adult transitional respite service. The house is situated in a charming cul-de-sac and features 4 bedrooms; one of which offers disabled access and a bathroom with full facilities as well as a large garden and outdoor area.

Maison Allo offers young adults age between 14-21 years old, a transitional respite place to support them to learn new skills, build confidence and socialise with peers, as well as having a break away from their family. 

Mourant Lodge

Mourant lodge is a purpose built adult respite facility in Trinity that opened in March 2014. It has a disabled access bedroom, with full wet room facilities. The kitchen sink has adjustable worktop and cookers that have been selected to ensure anyone with a physical disability can still use the appliances to encourage skills development and independence. Mourant Lodge caters for age groups of 18 and above and can provide overnight stays for up to four adults per night.

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We’d love to hear from you if you want to find out more. We’re based at Five Oaks, close to the JEP, so feel free to pop in during working hours. Or give us a call on 850600 or email info@lesamis.je. Alternatively, you can message us through Facebook or Twitter.

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