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in 2017 the Association of Jersey Charities chose to invest in our Les Amis Recycling Team initiative.

The Story

What we do?

The States of Jersey have a target to recycle 36% of the Island’s waste under the banner Recycle for Jersey. Les Amis wants to support the Island’s green agenda and we have achieved this by creating the Les Amis Recycling Team. By creating a recycling team Les Amis has also created more opportunities for our residents to have sheltered employment.

Last year the Association of Jersey Charities chose to invest in our Les Amis Recycling Team initiative. They donated the money necessary to buy our van and now we are up and running and regularly obtaining new contracts across the island to try and meet the States of Jersey target of 36% of waste recycled.

Currently the team recycles paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cooking oil and metal/aluminum cans. Collections can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis depending on your needs

To date the team has recycled over 100 tons of cooking oil from various restaurants and businesses around the island. The oil is filtered by the team and then sent to the UK to be turned into bio fuel. The company in the UK stated that they have never received such ‘clean’ oil before which makes it easier to recycle.

All the aluminum cans that are collected are taken to Jersey Zoo where they are a contributory factor in their ‘Cans for Corridors’ scheme whereby 50 cans equates to a tree being planted to help restore links between fragments of massively degraded Brazilian rainforest and help maintain the Black Tamarind population.

Paper, cardboard and plastic bottles are recycled through Abbey plant.

Les Amis’ recycling team currently consists of eight employees, six of whom are residents of Les Amis and have a learning disability.

It has always been the lifelong dream of one particular resident to work fulltime but unfortunately, until now, this has not been a possibility. The introduction of the Les Amis Recycling Team has enabled this to happen and this young gentleman is fast becoming the face of Les Amis within the local community and with the businesses to whom Les Amis provide this service. Working is invaluable for our residents as it fills them with pride and makes them feel they are contributing to society. Having this level of responsibility is also incredibly beneficial to their mental wellbeing. It is not unusual to find him in the boardroom of local companies discussing Les Amis’ recycling scheme to Managing Directors!

The scheme itself does not generate sufficient funds to be self-funding but with future development we are hoping that this may soon be the case as more and more companies and individuals are seeing the necessity to recycle their waste and protect this beautiful island we live on. This will not only improve our local environment, but enable more of our residents to gain employment and therefore improve their mental wellbeing and financial status.

Why should you sign up to Les Amis’ Recycling scheme?

Signing up for Les Amis’ recycling scheme will help your company fulfil your corporate social responsibility (CSR). You would be helping a local charity develop job opportunities that enable vulnerable adults to engage in meaningful activities that the Island community benefits from.

By using the Les Amis Recycling Team you are helping your company support Jersey’s recycling target.

How you can sign up to Les Amis’ Recycling scheme.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative simply send an email to expressing your interest. We will then contact you with all the relevant information and will open discussions as to what service we can offer and where we have space in our collections schedule that would suit your business.


Les Amis Recycling Service Pricing Breakdown

We are confident we can provide a cost effective service that will be beneficial to local businesses across the Island.

Getting in touch

We’d love to hear from you if you want to find out more. We’re based at Five Oaks, close to the JEP, so feel free to pop in during working hours. Or give us a call on 850600 or email Alternatively, you can message us through Facebook or Twitter.

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We're hiring

Helping people to fulfil their potential is fulfilling in itself, which makes working with our residents deeply rewarding. If you’d like to find out more, just fill in the boxes below and upload your CV. We’ll then be in touch.

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