Providing the best standard of residential services tailored to the diverse needs of the residents we support.


Within the respite service friends are made, confidence is built, and a freedom of expression encouraged.


A bespoke, person-centred service specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual


A social enterprise initiative that supports employment for our service users and local environmental demands.

How you can help


Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference.


Community presence and community participation are fundamental in all we do here at Les Amis.

Corporate Partnerships

Investing in a local charity offers benefits to not only the charity, but to the organisation making the investment.


Without the generosity of the public, the lives of Les Amis’ residents would not be as full.


Your legacy can continue to make a real difference to people’s lives.

About Les Amis

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Les Amis – supporting and empowering Islanders with learning disabilities since 1975.

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The leadership team ensures that Les Amis continues to deliver and improve its high-quality care services.

Les Amis is Simon and Paul

Get to know our Les Amis Legends – this father and son duo is supported by and supports Les Amis.

Les Amis is Sinead and Tia

Meet more Les Amis Legends: One is on a journey of independence; the other, career development - both supported by Les Amis.

Richard Bull 105 Mile Memorial Ride

Aug 31, 2022

The 105-mile Richard Bull Memorial Cycle is taking place on the 11th of September, starting at the Frank Machon track at Les Quennevais and this year Les Amis are the grateful recipients of all funds being raised.

This memorial Ride began in 2017 and has had 1 mile added to the race each year from what would have been Richard Bull's 100th birthday and so this year the ride is 105 Miles.

If you would like to take part then you have three options to sign up and for the first time we are opening up the 1 or 2 lap challenge to e-bikes. E-Bikes are invited to take part in the 1 or 2 lap race, if you batteries can take you that far!

View the proposed route here.

Sign up

1 Lap - 35 miles is now accessible for all adults and for new riders a good challenge with an estimated time of between 2-3 hours and a donation of £10 donation to Les Amis

2 Laps - 75 miles is the challenge route for those wanting a long ride, perhaps your longest ever. This comes with an estimated time of between 4-6 hours and a £20 donation to Les Amis.

The BIG One - The 105 mile ride is epic and only for those wanting to push their boundaries. This option is not for those who haven't specifically trained with an estimated time of 5+ hours and a £30 donation to Les Amis.

Teams are also welcome, to sign up via the Race Nation Page

Check out the proposed route here


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