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A First for Les Amis as it Trials Infection Fighting Tech

Jul 18, 2022

Les Amis has become the first care provider in the Channel Islands to use innovative technology that eliminates airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. The charity, which provides services for people with learning disabilities, is using FAR UVC equipment to reduce the risk of infections in its homes.

The technology, which is manufactured in South Africa, uses filtered UV lighting to sanitise rooms and other indoor spaces, helping to prevent the spread of infection and viruses. The system used is considered safe because the filtered UV light uses wavelengths that cannot penetrate the skin or eyes but can still neutralise viruses and bacteria.

Working with Jersey-based distributor SLK Technologies, the charity has installed two portable units designed by FAR UVC Africa at its home at Five Oaks.

Shaun Findlay, Managing Director of Les Amis, said: “Infection control is vital in a residential home setting, and we work extremely hard to ensure our residents and carers are safe. Using UV light technology provides an extra layer of protection and reassurance two years after the Covid-19 pandemic. We have invested in two mobile units as a trial, but we are hopeful this technology, in addition to the precautions we already take, will provide a cost effective and efficient way of making sure the areas where our residents live and our staff work are safe.”

Stephen Kenealy, Managing Director, SLK Technologies Ltd, added: “The pandemic taught us that we need to take extra steps to control the spread of infection, especially in care settings. We need to protect ourselves. Current measures, such as air filtering, only go so far and the beauty of this system is that it will safely neutralise all surfaces as well as the air we breathe. The system is effective, easy to use and able to be moved from room to room. This is a first for the Channel Islands and key stakeholders in infection control in the UK, including the NHS, are interested in how well it will work.”


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