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News: Odd socks for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Odd socks for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Posted: 16/03/18

Les Amis is celebrating World Down Syndrome Awareness Day on Wednesday 21st March by inviting organisations to wear odd socks to raise awareness of the syndrome.  

Tying in with the Down Syndrome Association’s national #LotsOfSocks campaign Les Amis is hoping anyone who takes part will donate £1 to Les Amis.

Money donated to Les Amis is used to ensure that the residents have a good day every day. One example of a Les Amis fundraising project is the creation of a special needs care unit for elderly residents. Many of Les Amis’ residents have Down Syndrome and as they enter old age are five times more likely to develop dementia. This unit is essential so Les Amis can continue to support its residents into old age.

Jason Loveless, Head of Support Services at Les Amis, said: “Down Syndrome is well-known but still not many people know a lot about what it means for individuals with the genetic condition. We are hoping to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and will be posting interesting facts and stories throughout the week on our Facebook page so we can help more people understand what Down Syndrome is. Wearing odd socks is a little bit of fun that we hope will spark conversation and encourage people to learn more about what Les Amis does and how we support our residents with Down Syndrome.”

ZEDRA, Jersey Post and de Gruchys, three of Les Amis’ partner companies for the year, are taking part in the initiative. Their staff will be wearing odd socks to help raise awareness for Down Syndrome and raise funds for the new unit.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day is celebrated on the 21st March because the condition occurs when a person has three sets of the 21st chromosome instead of two.

If you would like to register your involvement please contact pr.fundraising@lesamis.org.je 

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