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News: AFM gives residents an opportunity to work

AFM gives residents an opportunity to work

Posted: 27/02/18

In 2017 AFM, a facilities management company, chose Les Amis as its charity of the year and raised £3053.40 for the charity. AFM’s donations have helped purchase materials for the Les Amis Recycling and Maintenance team so Les Amis can offer more employment opportunities to residents.

The donations have been used to purchase gardening gloves, high-visibility jackets, work clothing, gardening tools and other materials. This equipment allows the residents to help maintain the Les Amis gardens and clean windows in 29 of the charity’s residential homes. 

Jason Loveless, Head of Support Services at Les Amis, said: “What may seem like very boring items to you and I are actually the tools which enable our residents to work. AFM’s donation funded a small team of our residents to work for a substantial period of time. Working is invaluable for our residents as it fills them with pride and makes them feel like they are contributing to society. Having this level of responsibility is also incredibly beneficial to their mental wellbeing. We would like to thank AFM for the team’s support throughout 2017.”

One resident’s life has been transformed by working for the Les Amis Recycling Team, which also offers recycling and oil collection services, and he now proudly speaks of how he works four days a week - something he has never been able to do before. AFM’s donation has allowed this resident to gain a sense of independence and pride.

Ian Spry, Senior Manager at AFM, said: “We were delighted to support Les Amis last year and it is so heart-warming to know that we provided such a fantastic opportunity for some of the charity’s residents. We wish the charity all the best for the future.”

The Les Amis Recycling Team costs £460.00 a week to run so donations from external organisations help Les Amis create employment opportunities for residents. The Les Amis Recycling Team has the dual benefit of helping Jersey’s environment and giving residents a sense of purpose.

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