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News: Boxin’ head to head at the Plankathon

Boxin’ head to head at the Plankathon

Posted: 06/11/17

Leonis Boxing and Boxin’ Business went head to head at the annual Les Amis Plankathon battling it out to see who could plank the longest.

Harry Bertram, a boxer at Leonis, put in a solid effort planking for 15 minutes but Eddie John McCann, a boxer at Boxin’ Business, held on for another minute planking for 16 minutes and 3 seconds securing him the men’s trophy.

Emma Parmiter planked for an impressive 11 minutes and 2 seconds winning the women’s trophy while her son Dylan Parmiter won the junior competition holding his plank for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Meanwhile, a surprise entry in the over 60s category saw Kevin Daly plank for 8 minutes winning him the over 60s trophy.

Eddie John McCann, Men’s Plankathon Winner, said: “I work as an electrician for DigElec Ltd and over the last twelve months through my work have worked in all the different Les Amis homes. Visiting the houses is quite emotionally provoking because the residents are so welcoming and I feel so privileged to get to know them. I feel that it's important to try and help out in the island where you can and myself have mentored for Barnardo's Childrens Charity and volunteer at the Jersey Cheshire Home with the Parkinson's Group but I have always wanted to take part in a Les Amis event and help raise money for the charity. The Plankathon was right up my street and I am heartened to have won my award."

“Next year I hope the event will be even bigger and have a specific time slot for the serious plankers to come down and go head to head! You always perform better when there is someone there to compete against. I reckon there must be someone on the island who could plank for an hour – not that I am volunteering.”

On Friday afternoon the corporates went head to head with Ogier and Direct Input holding some impressive planks but it was the ZEDRA – Perfectly Perky Plankers who came out on top with a combined score of 30 minutes and 24 seconds.

Julie Fairclough, Director, ZEDRA said: “The Les Amis Plankathon was a really enjoyable way to raise funds for the charity. It also raised awareness of the importance of health and wellness, which is important to us at ZEDRA. Les Amis is such a crucial charity for some of our most vulnerable Islanders and we are proud to support it. Their latest project hopes to broaden their services so Les Amis residents can be supported by the charity throughout their more senior years and that is going to make a real difference.”

Held at the Church House Hall, teams and individuals planked to raise money towards Les Amis’ £500,000 fundraising target to furnish and equip a new nursing and complex needs unit.

Les Amis PR, Marketing and Fundraising Manager Lauren Carré said: “Congratulations and more importantly thank you to everyone who took part. Planking is not easy so I am very impressed with the turn out this year. Thank you in particular to the participants from Leonis Boxing and Boxin’ Business your enthusiasm was excellent and of course thank you to our corporate partner ZEDRA for their support.”

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