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How can you support Les Amis?

Every penny Les Amis receives comes directly from the people we support through their Long Term Care entitlements which cover only the care hours they are assessed as requiring. Therefore we are not directly funded by the States of Jersey, as some people may believe.

As the Long Term Care benefit only covers a person’s direct care needs and limited material needs, fundraising is essential in order to provide for additional items or activities such as; transport, furniture, clothing and accessing the community etc. Please see our donations page for further information on how your fundraising directly supports our residents.

This is why fundraising and support is an integral part of Les Amis’ day to day activities. We are one of the biggest charities in Jersey and we provide essential care and support to some of the islands most vulnerable residents.

Here are several ways you can support Les Amis:

  • Donating either money or time at one of our fundraising events.
  • Using our share number #775 when you shop at the Co-op.
  • Signing up to make a regular monthly donation through Paypal. (link here)
  • Placing you spare change in one of our collections tins around the island.
  • Hosting your own fundraising event for Les Amis.

This list is not exhaustive as there are many varied ways you can raise funds and support us.

For businesses that wish to support Les Amis

Please contact us about becoming one of our corporate partners at pr.fundraising@lesamis.org.je. We welcome partnership work and enjoy collaborating on fundraising events, raising awareness together and forming a mutually beneficial relationship. To be chosen as a charity of the year by a Jersey business is an incredible honour.

Finally, if you choose to do so, you can remember Les Amis by making provisions for a legacy payment in your will.

Les Amis is always grateful to anyone who helps and supports us. If you would like to become a supporter of our charity, please contact us.

Getting in touch

We’d love to hear from you if you want to find out more. We’re based at Five Oaks, close to the JEP, so feel free to pop in during working hours. Or give us a call on 850600 or email info@lesamis.je. Alternatively, you can message us through Facebook or Twitter.

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We're hiring


We're hiring

Helping people to fulfil their potential is fulfilling in itself, which makes working with our residents deeply rewarding. If you’d like to find out more, just fill in the boxes below and upload your CV. We’ll then be in touch.

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